ダンス公演「MOMENTUM lost & found」(@サドラーズウェルズシアター, ロンドン) の音楽を担当します

2022年9月17日、ロンドンのサドラーズウェルズシアターにて上演されるFabula Collective主催「MOMENTUM lost & found」の2作品「Serious Game」、「Trajectory」の音楽を担当します。

MOMENTUM – Fabula Collective


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MOMENTUM lost & found – Fabula Collective

A daring, unstoppable mixed bill premiering at Sadler’s Wells, London on 17 September 2022

Serious Game

Creative Director | クリエイティブディレクター
Yukiko Tsukamoto

Choreographers | 振付
James Pett and Travis Clausen-Knight

Performers | 出演
James Pett
Travis Clausen-Knight

Composer | 作曲
Masahiro Hiramoto

A duet created in response to a creative challenge – using music incorporating Japanese instruments as a starting point, this piece is inspired by martial art Kendo and explores how to play within restrictions.


Choreographer | 振付
Kihako Narisawa

Performers | 出演 
Cathy Grealish
Grace Lyell

Composer | 作曲
Masahiro Hiramoto

Two bodies, seemingly floating in a dream, try to recapture the different stages of a trajectory etched in the light of a white universe. Where did they come from and where are they going?